Use Your Diary To Earn

I bet the title scared at least half of you. What would the world learn if you opened your diary and let them read it? Would it be the next best-selling horror, romance, or science fiction novel? Really, you don’t have to answer that, and you really don’t have to share that journal unless you want to. The idea though, of using your diary with your computer is an easy way to make money online free.

Am I telling you to spill the innermost secrets of your diary and promote scandal and to help you make easy money online for free! Yes, I am. Your diary however is not paper and pen, it is your keyboard and your computer. And the book itself that you are writing in is really a program, a website called a blog. Unless you live in a cave you should have at least heard of a blog. Ok, fine I’ll give you a definition, it is a weblog which is a journal that is frequently updated and intended for the public. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or the Website.

You then place ads or links to different products and services on your blog, this is where you make money. Now you aren’t selling anything. The links and ads are just there, you aren’t out pushing products. All you are doing is keeping a web diary. You will use affiliate programs. What these are, are programs that various companies offer to help them cut promotion cost in exchange, you get to make a commission every time someone uses your link to buy what the company has to offer. All you do is place the link on your blog. The same goes for the ads that you can place. Do an internet search of affiliate programs and decide what ones you want to use. My word of caution here, don’t just put any link or product on your site. Make sure it is for a good company and/or product because you are staking your reputation on those ads. You want to be seen as credible. Unless the purpose of your blog is to expose every rip off out there. Then, by all means, use any link. There isn’t an easier way to make money online free.

So the time is now, get ready to divulge those deep dark intriguing insights that you have bottled up, and put them out there on your blog, and discover the easy way to make money online free. Yes do it, right now, I want to read it.

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