Useful Tips on How to Fight Blog Burnout

Every day, so many people start up a new blog and most have hopes of it becoming a masterpiece. They plan on having massive amounts of traffic, and maybe even making a bit of money doing it becoming big.

The truth is that most blogs don’t last.

Many times, the blogger just gets bored with the whole idea. Others get frustrated, putting countless hours into the blog, then the fact that they do not draw visitors wears on them over time. The reason I will discuss today is what I call “Blog Burnout”.

You set goals, knowing that you want to post to it daily, or twice a day, or more. Keeping up a steady post rate can also drain on you after time. I will point out a few suggestions to help prevent blog burnout.

Make your goals realistic- If you live a very busy lifestyle, it might not be practical to maintain a high post count.

Don’t stress the blog- It is something that is yours. Don’t let anyone else tell you how many posts you have to have, or what to post about.

Realize why you are blogging- If you’re trying to make money on your blog, do a little research before getting started. Making money on a blog can take a very long time if it ever happens. Most bloggers barely make enough to keep the site up and running? If you are just blogging for the fun of it, then you can rest assured that there isn’t as much pressure.

Stockpile Posts- I might have a surplus of 10-20 posts prepared so that all I have to do is upload and be done with it. Set aside a certain amount of time and crank out post after post. That way, you really don’t have to worry about it every day. If a couple of days off are needed, no problem.

This really depends on your niche. With my blog, which features a variety of discussion points, I don’t often publish time-sensitive posts, but this is something that needs to be considered when stockpiling posts. For instance-This particular post may have been written months ago, and stashed away for a time when I really don’t feel up to writing anything.

I would recommend using a text editor program such as Microsoft Word to compose your posts. This will help you with spelling and grammar mistakes. I use a single document with a shortcut on my desktop to draft all of my writings. It’s also helpful to add notes.

For example, a draft post in my document may compose a nearly completed post with notes such as “need link for the mentioned article” or “need pic”. That way, when you decide to publish, you don’t need to relearn what the post needs. Simply finish it, give it a quick look-over, then publish it. Done.

Hopefully, using some of the steps I outlined will help head off any cases of blog burnout. I welcome any other suggestions you might have!

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