Using Blogs to Generate More Traffic to Your Website

Blogs (short for weblogs) are not only free and easy to create, but they can be awesome traffic-generating tools if you use and promote them properly.

If you haven’t learned by now, the key to building free search engine traffic is to get as many related, high-quality sites to point back to yours. Search engines like Google take this into great consideration when ranking your website.

You can create your own blog that can act like that “related website” to point to your own, and in the long run, your blog can not only attract its own traffic but will help you build traffic to your main site.

My Blog Example

I created a blog for that website that documents some emails I receive from my visitors. It’s almost like a Q&A section, so people can reference some problems that other people are experiencing with weight loss and read my advice.

As I mentioned before, search engines look for related websites that link back to you, so I link the blog back to my main site’s homepage to help with search engine rankings.

In a sense, it’s like having a whole other website. Also, the more posts you have, the larger your blog becomes. Remember, search engines seem to favor sites with a lot of content.

Also, keep in mind there are tons of blog directories out there that will list yours for free. So you can submit to these free sites/directories to help increase your traffic.

Let People Subscribe to Your Blog Feeds

Another benefit of creating a blog is that people can actually subscribe to it. You may have heard of RSS feeds (RSS stands for really simple syndication). It’s a growing Internet trend where people can receive updates from their favorite sites without having to visit them.

Add AdSense Ads

Once your blog starts bringing in traffic, you’ll want to maximize the revenue potential by adding AdSense ads. If you aren’t familiar with Google’s AdSense program, go here to learn about it.

In Conclusion…

As you can see, a blog can really help increase the traffic to your main website if you continue to update and promote it. Many webmasters are finding that Google sometimes spiders blogs faster than some websites giving them that added boost of traffic.

If you remember nothing else from this article, remember that the key to having search engine success is to get as many related websites to link back to yours. Having a blog in your possession is like creating another vote for your site.

Be sure to update it often with unique content, so the search engines will visit frequently. Happy blogging!

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